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Sterile Pressure & Filling Vessels

We provide complete range of Aseptic and sterile SS containers for Pressure Filling Vessels for handling Injectable Liquids under highest grade classified area
Range of capacity: 5 L to 250 L

Construction Features:

  • Vertical, Cylindrical with Conical / Dish top and shallow dish bottom.
  • Top opening with T/C clamped or eye bolts with sanitary fittings & gaskets.


  • Dispensing Nozzle with Dip Tube
  • Pressure Nozzle with Clamp
  • Collapsible Handle for Lifting/Shifting
  • SS Trolley mounted on PU Castor wheels.
  • Sight Glass (Optional)
  • Magnetic Stirrer (Optional)

Salient Features:

  • 100% Aseptic & Hygenic Design with Zero percent Dead leg & Crevice free Mirror polished contact surface as per cGMP criteria
  • 100% cleanable & sterilization.
  • Comfortable handling & Electropolished inside surface to <0.5 RA finish
  • In-situ sterilization & flush bottom valve on request.
  • Complete skid mounted Pressure Vessel with Membrane Filter Holder & Sterile Filling Vessels can be supplied

Material of Construction:

  • Contact parts: SS 316L, Mirror polished to 0.3 Micron RA
  • Non-Contact parts: SS 304 Matt finished to 0.8 Micron
  • Gasket: Food Grade Siliconen
  • Dynamic Working of 3.5 to 4 Barg Pressure and partial vacuum.
  • Heating/Cooling Jacket with Insulation with SS 304 welded cladding provided, if required

Our Products