Our Products

Our Products

PPPL, a pioneer in Capital Equipment Manufacturer Complete Systems as desired by the end users having valuable experience in manufacturing machines and developing Turn-Key Projects for major Pharmaceutical ,Biotech & Water industries all  over the Globe.

Pura-Sys Pharma Pvt Ltd. (Product Portfolio)

Water System (please high light)



Model / Size / Options


Industrial Application


A : Generation 

1. R. O. + E. D. I.

- 500 TO 10,000 Ltrs/Hr


2. R. O. + D. M.

- 500 LPH & above any Range as per the requirement from the customer


3. UF (80-100 K MWCO)
4. UF (6-10 K MWCO)

- Capacity as desired by the customer.

B. Storage & Distribution

Storage Tank & Sanitary Piping.

- As per site requirement and customer requirement.

C. Industrial RO / RO Plant / Water Generation Plant / Dimeneralized Plant (DM)

1. Industrial RO.
2. RO Plant.
3. Water Generation System
4. Demineralized Plant (DM).
5. High Purity Water System.
6. Mineral Water Plant with ISO Certification and Packing units i.e pouch packing; 1& 2 ltrs bottle packing; Jar Packing.

- As per site requirement and customer requirement.

Tanks ; Pendants & Process Vessels:

D. Tanks & Process Vessels.

Tanks (SS-316L / SS-316 / SS-304/ MS).
Electro polished tanks as per Pharma Grade. < 0.5µ

- Capacity As per customer’s requirement.

E. Pendants


Depending upon the customer  and utility

Parenterals & Injectables:

F. Sterile Pressure Vessels & Sterile Filling Vessels.

Injectable pressure vessels; filling vessels and process line.

50/100/150 ltrs. Pressure Vessels. Process Distribution Lines.


Manufacturing & Internal Process Piping set up with necessary automation. (process piping)

As per detailing and process understanding from the customer and as per drawings.

Process Plants & Vessels :

G. Process Vessels / Bio- Waste Vessels.

Process Vessels / bio-waste Vessels.

As per requirement from customer.


CIP – SIP Units

As per desired automation and capacity.

I. Sterile Filling Vessels

Storage & Sterile Filling Vessels

As per desired by customer.

J. Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic Mixers (Bottom Entry)

As per requirements.

K. Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Project (complete auto)

Turnkey Systems

L. Large Volume Parenterals / Small Volume Parenterals

LVP & SVP Set up

Turnkey Systems as per requirements.

M. Liquid Oral Plant / Syrup & Suspension / Sugar Dissolving Vessel.

Liquid Oral Plant / Syrup Manufacturing Plant / Sugar Dissolving Vessel

Turnkey Systems as per requirements.

N. Ointment / Cream Mfg Unit

Ointment / Cream manufacturing Plant

Turnkey Systems as per requirements.


Our Products